A kitchen remodel often consists of completely overhauling kitchen appliances and cabinets for an entirely new look. Many people get a kitchen remodel because they believe that their kitchen is outdated and want to increase their home value. With new appliances like a stove, oven, fridge, and dishwasher, visitors and potential home buyers often notice right away when a kitchen has been remodeled, a major benefit for those looking to sell their house in the future.

Those that simply want to enjoy using their kitchen again often use kitchen remodels to refine the appliances and counter space to better suit their wants and needs. While many homeowners believe that a kitchen remodel is out of their budget, there are many ways to cut back on costs throughout a design. For one, some people opt not to do a full remodel and only change a few things for their new kitchen. By not changing the majority of what is already in the room, thousands of dollars are saved. While some incorporate a kitchen expansion into their remodel, by keeping the same dimensions you can also save a bit of your budget. Remodeling companies are accustomed to sticking to customer budgets and can help you determine just how far you can get with the money you have set aside for the project. To find a quality home remodeling company, look no further than Cornerstone Home Solutions!

Kitchen Remodel Benefits

Denver Kitchen RemodelRemodeling your kitchen has many different benefits. As we mentioned, a kitchen remodel has the great potential to increase the value of your home and might even pay for itself in the long run. Knowing that the kitchen has been updated is a fantastic selling point and one many buyers look for. With newer appliances typically being much more energy efficient than older ones, an upgrade could mean that you will start to save money on your water and utility bills as well. Although the rest of your home might have changed slightly as you have lived there, the kitchen doesn’t offer much ability to alter its appearance without a remodel. When you do start to update appliances and cabinetry, you will also be able to match it to the rest of the modernity of your home.

As you design your new kitchen, you will probably incorporate more storage and a better overall layout. Once you are able to clear your counter tops by storing more items in cabinets and possibly a new island, you will feel that the space is much less cluttered and will start to enjoy it more. Additionally, many people never know the dangers of their old kitchen until they have started their remodel. As cabinets come down and appliances are moved, mold and unsafe wiring are often uncovered in older homes – something that can often only be noticed when you start a full remodel!

Choosing the Right Style for Your New Kitchen

The great thing about a remodel is that there are virtually no limits (besides your budget!) to what you can take out or include in your new kitchen. When first starting to design your remodel, New Kitchen Tile, Floors and morethink hard about what all you use your kitchen space for – and how often. Some people use their island as a workstation throughout the day, while others almost solely use their kitchen at night for expansive meals. As each family’s use is different, most likely so will your final design. Take into account what type of meals you like to cook – do you do large family meals (might need a double oven) or have a passion for whipping up homemade pizza (a pizza oven)? These will all incorporate different appliances into your design that should be taken into account.

Once you have the basics down – appliances and cabinetry layout – start to think about the extras you would love to have. Maybe that means specialty LED lighting, or a detailed custom flooring. Whatever it may be, don’t forget to add these touches that will mean just that more to you once the kitchen remodel is finished. If you are running out of ideas or just can’t seem to picture what your kitchen will look like during this phase, consider taking to the internet. Sites like Google and Pinterest allow you to search general topics all the way down to extremely detailed keywords in order to figure out exactly what you want your finished kitchen to look like. Additionally, you can always ask your Colorado home remodeling company for examples of past kitchen remodels to get some ideas as well!

Why Cornerstone Should be your Denver Home Remodeling Contractor

Finding an experienced, trustworthy Denver home remodeling company is crucial for your kitchen remodel. Not only do you want a team of remodeling experts that are knowledgeable about the materials and equipment they use, but you want to know that you will love your end design no matter what. Ask around your town and family members to see if anyone has recently used a local contractor – word of mouth is a great way to find a professional that you can see firsthand the work they have done for people you know!

The remodeling company you work with should have all the licensing and insurance coverage for Colorado in order to protect you, the homeowner. On top of that, they should also be able to provide past work examples and recent testimonials to prove they are reliable and responsible during all of their client projects. We encourage you to compare the rates and timelines of multiple companies so that you can understand the differences between the businesses as well as their ethics – and remember, the cheapest offer can sometimes mean the lowest quality! Always be sure that you feel comfortable with the company you choose before ever allowing them into your home. Here at Cornerstone Home Solutions, we understand the investment of getting a kitchen remodel done is a large one – which is why we keep you in the loop every step of the way. Once you are ready to start working together on a kitchen remodel design, give us a call today!