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If you are considering adding a deck to your home you have probably though about the cost, the space you want to fill and the way it will impact your home’s value. Additionally, if you have been looking to repair your existing deck we can help. Decks are a great way to improve the functionally of your yard and make it more inviting. Adding a deck to your home doesn’t just give your family a place to host BBQs it also adds value to your home. We are happy to meet with you and talk to you about all the ins and outs of adding a deck to your home. We know this is a big decision and are here to help. When you are ready our team has the experience, knowledge and skill to install a design and install a beautiful deck.

Deck Design Inspiration

Finding the right decking option for your home is one of the most fun parts of this process. Regardless of if you plan to install a deck alone or install it yourself you will want to look at some inspiration. is a great resource for finding beautiful ideas for your new deck. They offer free plans that fit almost any space, how to information, pictures of completed projects, calculators for figuring out materials needed etc., and a tool to help you find a builder. Lowe’s is another great resource for how to build a deck and what material you will need. Lowe’s can help you narrow down wood choice based on the climate and your budget. Finally, Cornerstone Home Solutions is a great resource if you are looking for a professional installation. We offer free consultations and can walk you through the steps.

Should I rebuild my deck?

While we focus a lot of our attention on new deck installs, we also replace and repair decks. Rebuilding a deck is a popular choice for homeowners who have extensive repairs needed. While your deck may look ok from the outside you may be surprised to see the decay inside your deck materials. A single post rotting out can cause a lot of tension on the additional beams and cause catastrophic damage to the entire structure. Replacing one post likely would not justify a total rebuild but if several posts are damaged you may be surprised at the cost of repairing them versus replacing the entire deck. Depending on how your posts are set it may be a big undertaking to replace them. Buried posts can rot underground causes structural issues that cannot be easily seen. Concrete feet are a great option for building a deck that will last years to come.

When repairing a deck we will asses the entire deck to ensure we are repairing all the problem areas, sure up the deck to allow us to remove posts that need to be replaced and then replace them. Posts are much easier to replace than the beams. Beams require you to remove the joists as well. Beams are a large part of the deck so replacing one can mean tearing apart a great deal of the deck. Also when one beam goes its generally not long before the rest start to deteriorate. If the builder is careful you may be able to reuse your joists which can save cost. If you are considering having your beams replaced, we highly suggest you get a new install quote to ensure you are getting the most out of your money. When replacing fascia boards you will need to check for water intrusion. If you start to have a problem with water intrusion it won’t be long before you see decay in your deck.

Deck Types

There are a lot of improvements in decking material in the past few years. There is a vast array of materials that you can use to install your deck and make it modern and beautiful. There are wood and composite materials available in a variety of options. You can get classic wood look materials, different wood species and choose a variety of colors. Composite materials can give a great color and look to your floor and add resistance to mold and rotting. We will detail the benefits of these flooring types below.

Wood Decks

Wood is a classic deck material and a great option for a wood deck. Wood can be customized to fit your vision based on the type of wood you use, the stain you use, and the cut of wood you use. Real wood has a wonderful authentic smell that cannot be replicated with composite materials. Wood has a greater likelihood to rot which may be a drawback for some people but the look and feel or real wood is enough for many people to use the natural material anyway.

Composite Decks

Composite decking materials has a lot of benefits and is a great decking material. Composite decks are strong and do not need to be stained and sealed annually. These materials come stained and sealed from the factory. Composite decks also come with a warranty that many homeowners find comfort in. The biggest benefit of composite is that it does not warp, rot, splinter or get eaten by pests like termites.

Why You Should Hire a Deck Builder

Adding a deck to your yard may seem like the perfect DIY project. You can add a hang out spot that will add value to your home, add usability to your yard and be the perfect hang out spot all summer long but there is a lot more that goes into a deck than looking cool. Decks are a structural element and need to be built properly to keep you safe and your home safe. A professional builder knows the ins and outs of the structural issues, how to properly attach the deck to your home to keep water intrusion from becoming an issue and how to ensure your deck is up to building code. Our professional deck builders at Cornerstone Home Solutions knows all the Denver building code for decks, how to efficiently build a new safe deck and can help with design elements. We have the tools, manpower and know how to get your deck built quickly and safely.

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Decks are big investment and can add a fun party spot as well as value to your home. When you use Cornerstone Home Solutions to build your deck it will last a lifetime. Our team doesn’t just bring building experience we also are fully licensed and insured. We can build your deck quickly, efficiently and get you enjoy your yard before the end of summer. If you are ready to chat about improving your yard with a deck call us at (720) 530-3734!

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