It’s hard to find anyone that doesn’t want more living space. Adding a room to your home may be expensive and nearly impossible depending on how your home is designed. But if you have a basement that’s not being used as living space, you have a real opportunity to affordably add valuable, useful square footage by finishing your basement.

How to Use a Finished Basement

Family room in basementDepending on the code requirements and what you plan on doing with your space, finishing out your basement can add great utility space, family gathering room or even bedrooms and/or bathrooms. A lot of this will be determined by your building code. Imagine moving some of your main level functions to a basement. How much space could you reclaim on your main level just by moving the laundry room? A Denver general contractor will be able to walk you through the process and let you know what is possible with your specific home.

Is it Expensive?

This is always a relative question, but one thing is typically consistent. It’s generally more affordable to finish a basement that to add on to your home. The space is already there, it just needs to be “re-purposed” and made into a livable space. Like any home improvement project, you will have opportunities to splurge and opportunities to save money. It all just depends on your desired use of the space and how much you want to allot for the project.

Can I Finish my own Basement?

Maybe! It depends on how handy you are and how much time you have. It will also depend on how “finished” you want the room to be. Most DIYers, regardless how good they are, will not be able to produce the same level of work as a professional contractor. Contractors have the right tools, the years of experience, and the training to get a big project done quickly and efficiently.

Call a Denver Remodeling Company

Regardless of how you end up finishing your basement, you should work with a Denver remodeling company to complete the project. They will have the experience necessary to give you a great finished product while ensuring you stay within your city’s building codes. The codes are there to keep you safe. Ignoring them and doing this as a DIY project could cost you far more than a few bucks!